Everything exists within duality. One cannot live without the other. 


To me, there is no black or white; only gray. Duality is what allows us to surrender to the flow of life, and teaches us how to let go. Duality is humanity, and when we can appreciate our humanity for what it is, rather than seek to control it, we allow for magic, magnetism, and miracles to happen to us. 


All of us have a calling. Mine is to teach women to reclaim their personal power and take the lead in their life with confidence and purpose. Everything that I teach, share and create –including this space– is an extension of who I am. Everything that I have chosen to do, and have chosen to become, have all birthed from taking practical, actionable and intuitive, emotional steps in my transformation journey. That potent blend of the practical and the woo is the vehicle through which I guide you. This is what I know, and what I embody. 


My style of teaching is a unique blend of conscious trauma healing, spiritual development, feminine leadership and wellness integration, which is basically fancy speak for: I guide women towards embodied transformation. With over a decade of experience working with humans, I've helped many from all walks of life. I’m here to acknowledge the challenges faced by dis-ease and the societal, social, racial, cultural, and emotional landscape we so effortlessly, and at times, traumatically, live and breathe in. Through my work as a Naturopathic Doctor, my methods are to create more sustainable access to lifestyle education and wellness resources. As a Trauma Specialist, I’m here to share multi-disciplinary methods of psychotherapy, somatic experiencing, and cultivating a deep sense of body-based awareness. As a Healer, I weave feminine energy, and magical filipino mysticism into the rest to make space for miraculous results! while also creating a path for a gentle, exploratory, fun, safe, pragmatic and open journey. This blend of disciplines are all backed by science and research, to lead you to fully explore the landscape of your subconscious.


My work is equal parts experiential and conceptual which allows for deep integration.



This is the exact path that I’ve taken and still continue to take! These methods have granted me the permission to embrace myself a little bit more, and a little bit deeper. 


Beyond career titles, I’m an artist, a writer, a psychic, a voracious reader, an avid learner, a foodie, a café goer and an extroverted introvert. 


I have a stellium in Capricorn, I’m a 6/3 Projector, and a ⅔ Enneagram with a Life Path 9. 


I’ve applied my creativity to teach people about abundant living. I’ve utilized my love for reading to imagine life-changing experiences for my clients. I’ve strengthened my intuition and used it as a compass for decisions I need to make. I’ve amplified my business using the earthly, unwavering energy of Capricorn. I’ve managed my energy through the honoring of being a Projector. I’ve deepened the understanding of my gifts through my Enneagram. I’ve accumulated the wisdom I have from being the living embodiment of a Sage as a Life Path 9. 


I was born into a Filipino-Chinese family with a spiritual lineage dating back to the pre-colonial Philippines on my father’s side, so it’s no surprise that I was led down a path of serving humanity.


My makers, Rene and Caroline, moved our family to the Middle East, and I grew up in a country called Bahrain, which helped shaped my worldly view of culture and diversity. 


I moved to the US at the age of 13, which sparked a sequence of events that would lead me down a path of burning down everything I thought I knew about myself, into discovering a new path filled with adaptation, assimilation, reinvention, self-teaching, grit, and continuously evolving the ways in which I would relate to myself and others.


It was not easy being a mixed asian, immigrant teenager in a foreign land with eurocentric values.


I was surviving.


By the time I reached my 20’s, I would have developed an autoimmune condition that left me fragile and depressed, and little did I know that that would lead me down the path of discovering Naturopathic Medicine and what it truly meant to prioritize healing from a whole-listic point of view.


And so it began, the journey of embodying what it means to be a Self Creator and a Self Liberator: a Woman who cultivates 

her life on her terms, her rules and a Woman able to balance discipline and devotion, while also embodying a Woman able to honor the steady pulse of flow and the sensation of a pleasurable, awakened life.


I graduated Naturopathic Medical School during the apex of the Pandemic in 2020 –what a time for all of us, globally– and entered another identity crisis. Perhaps, as most of us did. For me personally, I realized that I had been institutionalized for so long, I didn’t know how to cope with the freedom I felt. 



I was looking for leadership, accountability, responsibility and protection, from others, and had none of my own, so I felt lost.


I made the audacious choice to immerse myself in the study of Trauma, Parts Work, Attachment Theory, Resilience, Inner Child, Ancestral Work and Somatic Experiencing and received my certifications through The Embody Lab in 2021 and 2022.


I’ve mentored under the most brilliant psychotherapists and doctors of our time, and some of the most incredible healers and medicine people. 


And if there’s ONE thing that I return to after every course, every mentorship, every study: Thriving is your birthright.


This is what I am here to show you, and why I am here to teach.


When we fuse your practical knowledge of your life’s earthly experiences with your innate spiritual intelligence, this is where your healing journey enters embodied transformation.


This is the invitation that I have for you and I can’t wait to work together.